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Oil Change Reminder Printing System


Produce your own oil change labels on a thermal printer, computerized system that neatly prints fade- and smear-resistant data in bold black letters and numbers.

System includes:

  • Printer (7 x 9 x 6″)
  • Keyboard (8 x 4 x 1″)
  • Ribbon


The system will be custom-programmed for your store. Choose from many different programs allowing you to print the messages you want.

Choose from three styles of labels:

  1. Generic Blank Label: The machine can be programmed to print your name and phone number on each label at the same time you print your message.
  2. Custom Multi-Site Label: IADA Services Inc. can print a custom label with your name and/or logo. The machine can be programmed to print different phone numbers or locations.
  3. Full Custom Label: Use for one location. Custom print your label with your logo, name, phone number, etc. Your machine will be programmed to print your message.


The machine can also be programmed to automatically add the mileage for when the next is service due.


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